The Greer Peaks Resort
#1 Main Street, County Road 1120
Greer, Arizona (AZ), 85927, USA
928-735-9977 or 800-556-9997

Welcome to our Historic Ski Lodge.
To understand what's new at The Greer Peaks Resort you sort of have to know what's old. Take our name for example. Many people know this grand lodge as The Amberian Peaks, or even just The Peaks. Surprisingly, though it's been here since they started giving out addresses in Greer, it's the least known of the Greer Lodges.

Located at #1 Main Street, this beautiful lodge has been through a rough few years. Starting with the huge snowstorm in the winter of 2010 that caused the loss of one season for renovations, followed by a brand new start in 2011 Summer season. Only to have the town evacuated (and nearly lost) due to The Wallow Fire. That fire took over a half million acres of pristine forest stopping just feet from the property line of The Peaks. In fact it burned the gate that leads from our property to the National Forest Service land.

The owners at the time tried to mount another rally but it was not to be. They sold the business early in 2012 and after one short summer season, the lodge again changed hands in October of 2012. Which brings us to the current owners. LLC (aka: Kay and Jim Zahn) owners also of The Copper Barrel Gift Shop and The Greer Cafe (on 60 main street in Greer). "We have been homeowners in Greer for over 20 years," says Kay Zahn. "We have seen Greer go through many changes in our time.  We don't go back as far as The Greer Peaks herself, but we will be a part of Greer's future." 

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Photos from the 1970's of the old Ski slope AT The Amberian Peaks.  Patrons were pulled back up the hill by way of a rope tow, which is no longer there, but you can see the remnants of it if you hike up behind the lodge.  The photo on the LEFT is the actual ski run, and the little building up there was called "The Broken Leg Saloon"